10 Deadliest Weapons
Ever Created

10) AK-47

The AK-47 (also known as Kalashnikov, AK, or in Russian slang, Kalash) is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated 7.62×39mm assault rifle.


9) Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

The XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon (ACSW) was a developmental 25 mm belt-fed grenade machine gun with smart shell capability.

8) Taranis

The BAE Systems Taranis is a British demonstrator programme for Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle technology, under development primarily by the defense contractor BAE Systems Military Air & Information.


7) Assault Rifle (F2000)

The FN F2000 is a 5.56×45mm NATO bullpup assault rifle, designed by FN Herstal in Belgium.[5] The F2000 made its debut in March 2001 at the IDEX defence exhibition held inAbu Dhabi.


6) F-22 Raptor (Fighter Jet)

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a single-seat, twin-engine, all weather stealth tactical fighter aircraft developed for the United States Air Force.military-today

5) Napalm Bomb

It sticks to skin and causes severe burns when on fire. Napalm was developed in 1942 in a secret laboratory at Harvard University.


4) DSR-50 Sniper Rifle

The DSR-50 is a bolt-action anti-materiel rifle developed and marketed by DSR-precision GmbH of Germany, and is essentially an upscaled DSR-1 chambered in.


3) Lockheed AC-130 Spectre Gunship

The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed ground-attack aircraft variant of the C-130 Hercules transport plane.


2) Lightweight Machine Gun

A light machine gun (LMG) is a machine gun designed to be employed by an individual soldier, with or without an assistant, as an infantry support weapon. Light machine guns are often used as squad automatic weapons.


1) Flamethrower

A flamethrower is a mechanical incendiary device designed to project a long, controllable stream of fire. They were first used by the Greeks in the 1st Century AD. In modern times, they were used during World War I, and more widely in World War II.


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