10 most Common
Genetically Modified products


In 2014, the USDA approved a new form of GM potato for the American market that is believed to contribute to cancer that’s formed during the frying process.


9. Soy

Some health-conscious folks steer away from red meats and towards soy products. Why not? They can make a soy bean into a turkey, or so they say. The United States’ soybean crop is 93% GMO.



8. Sugar

Many sugars are derived from GMO — most predominantly, the sugar beet and sugar cane that’s farmed in the United States are GMOs.



7. Cotton

Cottonseed is used to make cottonseed oil, an extract that’s been added to the food you eat for well over a century.


6. Canola Oil

If it’s fried, it’s possibly been bathed in boiling-hot GMOs. Canola oil, the choice of most restaurants these days, is based on a GM crop.



5. Honey

It’s hard to picture honey as a GMO since it’s the product of bee regurgitation. But the bees have to get their pollen from somewhere, and in the United States pollen is gathered indiscriminately from GMO plants as well as those that are natural.




4. Papayas

In the case of the papaya, genetic modification may have saved the species from eventual extinction.



3. Yeast

The Wine Institute provided a statement that GMO wine yeast, called ML01, shouldn’t be used in making wine, but the Wine Institute isn’t a governing body and can only make suggestions to the industry.


2. Tobacco

Let’s be realistic here — smoking is terrible for your health. You know it. We know it. Regardless, it has been and remains one of the biggest cash crops in America, and about 90% of the tobacco grown in the United States is genetically modified.



1. Dairy Products

In 2010, scientists successfully modified cows so they could produce milk that would be safer for children to consume.



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