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Reasons FIFA is corrupt!

10. Forced Alcohol Sales

One of the biggest sponsors of the World Cup is Budweiser, who naturally want to sell beerat World Cup games. But back in 2003 Brazil had banned the sale of alcohol in stadiums because too many people had died from drinking too much.




9. 2022 Qatar World Cup

One of the biggest controversies in recent FIFA history was the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. The Middle Eastern country doesn’t have a strong soccer infrastructure and are ranked 100th in the FIFA ranking system.


8. FIFA Courts

When South Africa was set to host the World Cup in 2010, one of the biggest concerns was the country’s crime rate. In response, 56 special courts were set up to deal swift justice to offenders who targeted foreigners.


7. The International Sport and Leisure Scandal

International Sport and Leisure (ISL) was a Swiss marketing firm that won the television advertising rights for the World Cup in the late ’90s. They were an odd choice, considering there were higher bids on the table. However, the firm collapsed in 2001 with almost $258 million in debt. That was even odder, since they had the rights to one of the most watched sporting events in the world.



6. Unsustainable Wasteful Stadiums

In order to host the World Cup, the host country needs to build stadiums. However, a lot of the stadiums are built in places where they can’t be sustained after the World Cup.



5. Horrendous Working Conditions

Speaking of stadiums, since so many have to be built workers find themselves in rushed, dangerous conditions. Three people were killed building the stadium in Mansus, which is almost one for every game played there.

Workers at the 6am change of shift on a 2022 World Cup construction site.



4. FIFA Doesn’t Pay Taxes in Host Countries

One thing you have to know when hosting FIFA is that they don’t pay income tax when they come into a country. Their argument is that they’re a non-profit and they bring businesses, tourists and new infrastructure to a country.




3. Corrupt Executive Board

The FIFA executive board consists of 24 members. They’re the upper echelon of the corporation and out of those 24 men, 12 have been accused of some type of corruption.

Jack Warner



2. Corrupt President

Some of Sepp Blatters better moments include suggesting women soccer players wear shorter shorts and lower cut shirts in order to attract more viewers, and interrupting a moment of silence for Nelson Mandela after 11 seconds.



1. FIFA’s Reserve

One thing FIFA officials make clear is that they’re a non-profit organization. However, they’re one of the richest non-profits in the world — as of 2013 they had over $1.4 billion in their reserves.




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