10 top Robots
That Will replace humans

10. The Self-Driving Car

Companies like Google and Bosch have been developing self-driving cars for years. These automated vehicles have been taken on test drives for countless hours and have proven their worth time and time again.


9. Baxter


The Multi-purpose Robot can learn what it has to do by looking at people doing it, and can be taught a multitude of actions that are in reach of his swirling arms.

8. Briggo Coffee

By developing a sophisticated robotic kiosk capable of making numerous types of coffee drinks with a push of a touch screen, the Briggo Company will be able to compete with some of the giants in the industry like Starbucks and Tim Hortons.



7. Roxxxy – The Other “Multi-purpose” Robot

Not even the “oldest job in the world” will be safe once Roxxxy hits the streets — she’s designed by the TrueCompanion Company to be the first ever sex robot.



6. iCub – The Talker

The iCub is a toddler looking robot capable of understanding different languages and responding accordingly.



5. SAFFIR – The Firefighter

This five foot, biped humanoid robot is capable of detecting fires, operating the nozzle on hoses, navigating obstacles, and keeping its balance in all kinds of sea conditions.

SAFFiR demonstration - NRL Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Res





4. Robot Wall Street Stock Brokers

Some of these software bots are already trading with each other on the stock market.



3. Watson – The Doctor

This technological marvel is the product of IBM and wants to be a doctor. It’s already capable of storing much more medical data about illnesses, patient histories, and drug compatibilities and reactions than any human doctor ever could.



2. Digital Aristotle

Like the original flesh and blood Aristotle of ancient times, regarded by many as the perfect tutor, so will be the case for his digital version. While still in the conceptual stage, the concept is exciting.




1. The Artists

There’s such a thing as a creative bot, and “her” name is Emily Howell. She creates music which can’t be distinguished from music written by human composers in a blind test.



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