10 top Reasons why
Paris is Overrated

10. The Glamour

The glamour is almost entirely fabricated. Paris has had one of the most astonishing marketing makeovers in the history of the world.


9. The Clochards

clochards are literally everywhere in Paris. They never write that in brochures, but Paris is overflowing with the homeless.


8. It’s No Longer Uniquely Grand

Paris is beautiful. Thing is, many other European cities are beautiful. Rome is beautiful, London is vibrant, Tallinn is interesting, Barcelona is amusing, and Amsterdam is entertaining.



7. The Language Barrier

There are opinions and assumptions, and there are clinical, undisputable facts. Fact: most of the world speaks English, and not by chance. It’s a simple language to understand and there’s no nonsense in the English language.



6. Everybody is Rushing, but Nothing Gets Done

There are 35 working hours in the Parisian week, and workers appear to spend the remaining 133 doing nothing. Ah, they’re good.




5. The Prices

Are you planning a move? An apartment outside the city center costs around $9,047 per square meter, which makes Paris the 12th most expensive city in the world.



4. The Food

In the top ten list of restaurants in the world by Restaurant magazine, there are no French restaurants, and no French chefs. The best dish to have in Paris is probably a croque-monsieur. You may not have realized this, but that’s just a fancy way of saying “grilled ham and cheese sandwich.” No, really.




3. …and The Waiters

your waiter in Paris may be nice but in general terms, they can be ludicrously rude.



2. Notre Dame

Something tells us at least part of the reason it enjoys such a sterling, famed reputation is that it was home to a misunderstood little guy with an unsightly deformity on his back.



1. The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower probably embodies and summarizes Paris better than any other landmark. Yes, it’s striking and likeable. But does it really outshine the Statue of Liberty in NYC, or the Parliament Building in London, or the Colosseum in Rome? Exactly.



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