10 top reasons why
not to eat McDonald’s

10. Their Fries Contain 14 Ingredients

McDonald’s would really like it if you ignored all those stories about people in its factories handling raw meat that’s been dropped on the floor without gloves.




9. Their Food Doesn’t Rot, Spoil or Go Bad

It’s a commonly stated fact that McDonald’s food just doesn’t go bad, and there are numerous examples of McDonald’s burgers old enough to remember the first season ofThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still looking perfectly palatable.


8. They Ran the Original Owners Out of Business Just to Spite Them

Though today McDonald’s is known for being a ridiculously powerful global company with more outlets than the Nikola Tesla museum, it didn’t start out that way.



7. McDonald’s Salad is Worse for You Than a Big Mac

thanks to McDonald’s there are people out there on diets who are better off ordering a burger coated in cheese, bacon and an entire second burger than a salad.



6. They Fought One of the Longest Legal Cases in History

Given that McDonald’s is a terrifyingly huge and powerful company with enough money to bury any naysayers in enough legal litigation to ensure that their grandchildren are born holding court documents.




5. Avoiding Billions in Tax

Like any global corporation worth its heart palpation inducing salt, McDonald’s has used a multitude of loopholes to avoid paying taxes, all while denying that this is a crime or that they’re doing anything wrong at all.



4. Paying Rappers to Hype the Big Mac

For companies like McDonald’s a more media and tech savvy audience is a frightening thought, because that audience is slowly becoming immune to traditional advertising methods.



3. They Haven’t Tracked Sold Burgers Since the ’90s

For years, one of the ways McDonald’s advertised its ever-growing success was the small signs that sat above their restaurants that proudly announced how many customers had been served worldwide.



2. The Fillet-O-Fish was Almost Replaced by an Awful Burger

It’s a fairly well-known fact that the Fillet-O-Fish was added to the McDonald’s menu to lure devout Roman Catholics, who traditionally don’t eat meat on Fridays, into a struggling McDonald’s located in a heavily Catholic suburb.



1. Ronald McDonald Actors Weren’t Allowed to Tell Kids Where the Food Came From

Ronald McDonald has been relegated to a tertiary role in McDonald’s advertising ever since the company wised up to the fact that most people think clowns are creepy as hell.



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