10 most
revolutionary bicycle gadgets

1. Skylock solar-powered lock

Mechanical key-activated locks are so 2013. The Skylock instead communicates with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, unlocking either once they press an onscreen button, or even just when their phone gets within close proximity of the lock.


2. Zackees turn-signaling gloves

If you want to let motorists know where you're heading on the road, it definitely helps to use hand signals. Zackees are designed to make sure that those signals get noticed.



3. Calfee Design tandem/single convertible bikes

The back end of the carbon fiber frame is simply removed by hand via two couplers, the rear wheel is transferred over, and the bicycle-built-for-two becomes a single-seater. Calfee has only made a couple of the bikes so far – both custom orders for the same client – which was reflected in their cost.


4. Schwalbe Procore tire system

A high-pressure tube within the tire helps protect against flats and keeps everything in place, while an air space between that tube and the inside wall of the tire can be kept at a very low pressure, allowing for excellent traction.


5. Bygen Hank Direct Bike

When it comes to converting pedaling power into wheel revolutions, belt drives are certainly a cleaner, smoother alternative to chains – but they're not the only other way to go.


6. Shimano XTR Di2 electronic shifting

This one electronically relays signals from the sifters to motors in the front and rear derailleurs. This means that shifts are consistently quick and smooth, as they aren't affected by the slackening of stretched steel cables or by contaminants within the cable housings.


7. Patchnride flat-patching tool

Ordinarily, fixing flat tires is quite the hassle ... you have to remove the wheel, unseat the tire, pull out the tube, find and patch the hole, and then put everything back together.


8. Fluent suspension wheel

Tel Aviv-based manufacturer SoftWheel wants to help them do so, via their wheels. The company's Fluent wheel features three cylindrical shock absorbers that radiate out from the hub to the rim, taking the place of spokes.


9. Imprint moldable grips

TMR Designs' Imprint Grips are custom-molded to the shape of the user's hands, ensuring an even contact area with a minimum of uncomfortable pressure points.


10. Nuseti sealed-drivetrain mountain bike

As we mentioned earlier, there's no denying that belt drives are quieter and less grimy than chains. According to Polish mountain biking medalist Gregory Zielinski, however, chains are still a sturdier, more efficient way to go. In order to address their shortcomings, he created the Nuseti – it has a chain, but it's sealed within an oil bath that keeps it continuously lubricated and protected from contaminants.




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