10 top
Countries who have the
darkest past

10. Canada

When asbestos was first discovered, it was the superhero of mined ore.  Its heat tolerance was incredible and people thought, by putting it in their houses, that fires would be a thing of the past.  They didn’t stop at houses and it was installed everywhere, including insulation of schools, and public buildings.  They then discovered one little drawback…it causes cancer, horrible cough up your lungs while begging to be shot cancer.


9. Bhutan

In the 1990s the Bhutanese leaders decided that the GNH didn’t apply to one of its large minority groups, the Lhotshampas. The Lhotshampas are ethnically Nepalese people who have been in Bhutan for generations, and were promptly ethnically cleansed from Bhutan territory.


8.  Sweden

Excited to create a vast European Realm, the Swedish King moved his armies South in an effort to conquer Europe.  They were able to defeat Russian and Polish armies during what is called “The Deluge” by Eastern Europeans.



7.  Ireland

During World War II the Republic of Ireland went above and beyond what international law dictated regarding a neutral stance.  While neutral Switzerland was the Nazi Banker, and neutral America kept Britain alive by supplying tons of vital war material, Ireland decided to have absolutely nothing to do with either side.



6.  Belgium

Being one of the youngest countries in Europe didn’t stop it from carving out a vast Empire in Africa, one 77 times the size of Belgium itself.


5.  Bosnia

When Yugoslavia was quickly dismembering itself into smaller and smaller states, Bosnia was always the whipping boy.  Picked on by the bully Serbia and its supposed friend Croatia, Bosnian citizens were quickly forced into a number of enclaves, where they were surrounded by enemy forces hoping a prolonged siege would starve them into submission.


4.  Poland

Poland or, as it is known to the rest of the world, that place that gets the crap kicked out of it every other decade, was re-birthed in 1918 (back in 1795, it had been killed, cut up and divided like a delicious borst pie).  Between 1918 and 1939, it lived in between what would become two of the greatest killing machines in the history of the world, Nazi Germany and Communist USSR.



3.  South Korea

Compared to North Korean death camps and mass slaughter of innocent civilians, South Korea always comes out smelling like roses.  However, during the Korean War, it showcased its own dark side.  Even before the war in 1948, on the island of Jeju, the South Korean military brutally suppressed an uprising that broke out after Korean troops fired on unarmed protesters.



2.  Holland

During the spice rush at the dawn of the merchant era, Holland was able to corner the nutmeg market.  In an effort to easily monitor and control the trade of nutmeg, Dutch officials killed all nutmeg trees on neighboring islands, and created vast nutmeg and mace plantations on the small island of Run.




1. Switzerland

During World War II, while they claimed neutrality and sat back and rode out the war, thousands of people deposited their money into it’s banks.  Thousands of these account holders were killed in the carnage of the Nazi War machine.



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