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longest living humans

10. Kamato Hongo

16 September 1887 – 31 October 2003 (Disputed) Age: 116 years 45 days
Kamato Hongo, a Japanese supercentenarian, who was apparently the oldest living person from March 2002 until her death in 2003. She lived in Kagoshima and celebrated her 116th birthday a month before her death from pneumonia.





9. Carrie C. White

November 18th 1874 – February 14th 1991 Age: 116 years 88 days
Carrie C. White was recognized by Guinness world records as the oldest person in the world at around the time of her 114th birthday in 1988. Carrie was a resident of Palatka, Florida nursing home. She was in a nursing home not because of age, but due to a nervous breakdown in 1909,




8. Elizabeth Bolden

15 August 1890 – 11th December 2006 Age: 116 years 118 days
Elizabeth is a case that is not disputed, with documents in perfect order. And yes, she is another one from the United States. In fact, the US has more supercentenarians than any country in the world. They are not considered a land of longevity though due to the number per capita.

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7. Tane Ikai

18th January 1879 – 12th July 1995 Age:116 years 175 days
Tane Ikain is Japan’s oldest female on record ever. She is also the oldest undisputed person since the Koseki system in 1879.

6. Maria Esther Heredia de Capovilla

14th September 1889 – 27th August 2006 Age: 116 years 347 days
Maria was a supercentenarian born in Ecuador and, until the time of her death, was recognized as the world’s oldest living person. She was the oldest documented person to have lived in three centuries.



5. Marie-Louise Meilleur

29th August 1880 – 16th April 1998 Age:117 years 230 days
Meilleur was a French-Canadian supercentenarian, who upon the death of Jeanne Calment (number one on the list), was the oldest living person. She is still the oldest ever Canadian.




4. Lucy Hannah

16th July 1875 – 21st March 1993 Age: 117 years 248 days
Lucy Hannah was an American super centenarian, that’s right another American. But I can’t help it, she’s fourth on the list due to age. Hannah is the oldest African American to have ever lived and the oldest American at the time of her death.


3. Sarah Knauss

24th September 1880 – 30th December 1999 Age: 119 years 97 days
Sarah Knauss, was the oldest person to have ever lived in America. She died 33 hours before the year 2000. Sarah Knauss lived her entire life in Pennsylvania. She was born in a small coal-mining town called Hollywood. That’s right folks, Hollywood, the other Hollywood.




2. Shigechiyo Izumi

29th June 1865 – 21st February 1986 Age:120 years 237 days
Izumi is another disputed case like the first couple of list items. However Guinness World Record still maintains that his record is valid. Izumi is unique on a list of supercentenarians because he is male. There is a pattern of longevity that seems to favor women. This may be due to a lot of reasons. One theory is that males live harsher, more stressful lives. Well they did in the first part of this century and before.

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1. Jeanne Calment

21st February 1875 – 4th August 1997 Age: 122 years 164 days
Jeanne Calment is my favorite. Super longevity is a fascinating topic for me. Considering that the maximum human lifespan possible is considered to be 123 – 125 years of age, makes Jeanne very special indeed. She definitely overstayed her time here on Earth.

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