10 top Animals
Humans should stay away from

10. Assaulted by an angry beaver

In 2013, a man died as a result of a beaver attack: the animal’s sharp teeth severed an artery in the victim’s leg, which led to the latter’s demise shortly after. The victim was a 60-year old fisherman who wanted to photograph the animal,



9. Kicked to death by a domestic ostrich

In 2000, in Louisiana, an old farmer was attacked and killed by one of the ostriches his son kept on his farm. It is believed that the attack came from the fact that the animal, a male ostrich surrounded by a harem of three females, suddenly felt that his mates were threatened by the farmer’s presence, who entered the enclosure.



8. Bombarded by a monkey

In 2009, a Thai man who trained a rhesus macaque to pick coconuts for him so he could sell them and make a profit was killed by his pet in what can be considered an act of animal revenge. Sources say that Leilit Janchoom, aged 48 at the time of the incident, was a cruel man who used abusive methods for training and punishing the poor primate.



7. Wounded eagle shoots hunter

The following incident took place in 1922, in Chile, during a hunting expedition in the mountains. A soldier who was on the hunting party managed to bring down a large eagle and proceeded to claim his trophy; however, the bird was only wounded, and a wounded animal is never to be underestimated, especially raptors, which are notorious for their fierceness and strength.


6. Pushed off the cliff by a goat

Mountain goats are some of the shyest0 and most elusive creatures, living high on the mountain cliffs away from humans and predators. In 2010, the only known case of a fatality involving a mountain goat took place, when mountaineer Bob Boardman was pushed off a cliff by a goat that exhibited an outstandingly aggressive behavior.


5. Mauled by a pair of donkeys

In 2013, a Hungarian pensioner was brutally killed by a pair of donkeys that were apparently very annoyed by the fact that the man was driving a motorized cart. Sandor Horvath, aged 65, was disabled, and got around using his special vehicle.


4. Kicked and stabbed to death by deer

In 2011, Donald Dube, a farmer from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, was killed by one of the eleven white-tailed deer he kept in an enclosure. The male deer was probably in rut, as during this period they tend to be extremely territorial.



3. Killed by bird equipped for cockfight

In February 2011, Jose Luis Ochoa, aged 35, participated in a cockfight event held in Lamont, California, when his bird apparently stabbed him in the calf with the artificial spur described above.



2. Drowned by leopard seal

In 2003, the first and so far only fatality due to these majestic mammals has been recorded, when British underwater researcher Kirsty Brown was dragged into the depths of the sea by a leopard seal.



1. Rammed to death by an angry dolphin

In 1994, in Sao Paulo, two male divers, Wilson Reis Pedroso and João Paulo Moreira, were attacked by an enraged male dolphin that was ironically known in the area for its friendliness. The animal charged the two victims, ramming its nose viciously into their torsos, which led to a fractured rib for one of them, while the other died from internal bleeding.


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