10 shocking facts you didn't know about Michael Jordan

10. Each ten days he gets a manicure.

9. Michael Jordan original shoe contract with nike was wort $2.5M over five years.

8. In 1986, he appeared in this lame commercial for a women’s hair product.

7. His $168M divorce is the second most expensive in sports history.

6.In grade school, MJ was suspended for smashing a Popsicle stick into the head of a girl who called him a racial slur.

5. Special sauce for vv's burger endorsed by Michael Jordan on eBay for $10,000 (and it's got a1992 expiry date)

4. As child one of his good friends almost drown and since then is very afraid of water.

3. Michael Jodran makes $178,100 a day. if he goes to see a movie, it'll cost him 7$ but he'll make $18,550 by the end of it.

2.Is father was murdered while sleeping in is car,which led Jordan to is first retirement in 1993

1.Michael Jordan played a cartoon superhero in Saturday morning cartoon calledProStars

Bonus: the original photo of the Air Jordan logo!

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